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What Our Clients Say

by P.M on Royal Plus Inc.

No problem! Very satisfied.

by A.S on Royal Plus Inc.

The workers were friendly, accommodating, & worked hard. Very satisfied!

by t.g on Royal Plus Inc.

Very respectful, would stop to explain anything they could, always laugh and smiling. Wonderful, glad to have met them.

by c.c on Royal Plus Inc.

Service was performed exactly as one would hope a professional company would.

by k.w on Royal Plus Inc.

My experience was excellent. From initially choosing the floor through installation and completion. Royal was professional, competitive and helpful. We love our floor!

by h.w on Royal Plus Inc.

Showed up the day it was received to this company and was here everyday after to make sure it was drying.

by p.r on Royal Plus Inc.

Good crew, good communication, protected property

by l.c on Royal Plus Inc.
In The Loop The Entire Process

Although blessed this was not a total tragedy, the stress caused by a chimney fire over the holidays is overwhelming. The Royal Plus team handled the situation promptly and professionally putting us at ease. Katie, our contents manager is superb!! Her calm demeanor and professionalism were greatly appreciated. She is awesome. Her attention to detail, and her ability to lead the team packing us out were admirable. She kept me "in the loop" through the entire process.

by c.c on Royal Plus Inc.
Guest Bathroom Restoration Job

Joanne, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your employees did a great job on my guest bathroom restoration job! They were courteous and professional, and are real craftsmen at what they do. In particular, after departing after a very long day last Friday to finish the job, I appreciated them going to the local Home Depot, selecting a toilet paper holder that matches the new vanity trim, texting me a photo of it for my approval and then returning and installing it with a smile. That made for a very long day for them but I really appreciate it. After about six months of having the bathroom in various stages of disrepair and usability, it is great to have it finished and it looks great.



by Blanche M on Royal Plus Inc.
Without Hesitation

Thank you for the beautiful job you all did. Everyone was cooperative, accommodating, patient, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend your company without hesitation.

Blanche M.

by Carole D. on Royal Plus Inc.

Good Morning Scott, I would like to commend you and your company on the outstanding work you have provided me during the remediation of my kitchen floor and crawlspace. I would also like to share my gratitude to your employees. These two young men are the most dedicated and upstanding people I have come across in years. I am a nurse so I am very aware of the importance of customer service. They impressed me so much with their knowledge and the expertise. They exhibited so much kindness towards me that it left me with such a profound gratitude that I have shared their customer service skills with my co workers and family. Your employees left me feeling that RoyalPlus is very blessed to have them as employees. If there is any other format that I can use to acknowledge these two, please let me know.

Carole Daley

by l.g on Royal Plus Inc.

As soon as my insurance adjustor recommended Royal Plus, I called and Scott Reynolds was here the next day. Everything was repaired and replaced in an orderly and efficient manner.

by David And Paula on Royal Plus Inc.

RP’s work crew did such a phenomenal job on the work project at our home that we simply had to write you. Your Project Manager effectively coordinated all the work crews, and worked hand and hand when appropriate throughout the project. From your project manager on down all work was done in a professional, skillful manner and each worker was always courteous to my wife and me. His working knowledge in all aspects of this project proved to be invaluable in seeing that the job was done correctly with excellent results in each area of the project. The PM kept us well informed throughout the project. The different work crews and the project manager showed exceptional performance and all deserved special recognition for a job well done. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to your company for any type of home project as your workmanship was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for a job well done!

David and Paula, Ocean Pines, MD

by Valerie Taylor on Royal Plus Inc.
Janis Jones

A few weeks ago the condo in which I reside part time at Glen Riddle received water damage due to the water spigot in the garage from a condo above us. I was extremely distraught as repairs had only been completed 3 weeks before for water damage done to our condo from the condo adjacent to us. The repairs took 4 long, disruptive months. I was scheduled to return to Illinois for a family wedding and thought I would have to cancel plans due to the recent water damage from the condo above us. Janis Jones from Royal Plus arrived the day the recent water damage was discovered. She immediately assessed the situation and began to work, removing old carpet, having drywall cut out and measuring and charting moisture levels. Other technicians arrived and she directed them regarding what to do and where to go. She was amazing. I expressed my extreme frustration of having to again go through remediation of a different part of the condo and of my hesitation to fly to Illinois for the family wedding. Janis assured me she would stay on top of the situation, would phone me daily with updates and would have the condo renovated by the time I returned. I was scheduled to attend a conference in DC immediately upon returning from Illinois. Janis called me daily with updates and had the condo renovated when I retuned! When I left, as I stood in my neighbor's garage, I could see into my living room due to drywall that had to be removed. It was a mess. I am so impressed by the professionalism, organization and dedication demonstrated by Janis. I asked to whom I could direct positive remarks about this incredible young woman. Your name was given to me. I have passed on this positive information to Kate Hoos at Glen Riddle and my realtor, Pam Wadler. The positive renovation completed by Royal Plus is in stark contrast to that completed by a different remediation company Feb. - June of this year. The only thing that remains to be completed is the replacement of the oversize pottery barn child's chair that absorbed water from this incident. Michael, not Janis is in charge of that. Janis Jones is an amazing person and incredible employee representing Royal Plus. I appreciate everything she did to effectively remediate and renovate our condo.

Nancy, West Ocean City, MD

by Mariella Trager on Royal Plus Inc.
Washington D.C.

Brian has been a savior in a moment of grief! Michael and I cannot say enough of him. He is so professional & respectful & caring of the human spirit. Thank you Brian for all your hard work. Clean, neat, punctual - We can go on and on.

Thank you -
Mariella & Michael, Washington D.C.

by Katie Swan on Royal Plus Inc.
The Calm That I Needed In The Middle Of The Mayhem

I wanted to touch base with you about one of your employees. I manage a large group of people and I know it is often only the complaints that you hear about. I always enjoy the compliments much more! I had the pleasure of meeting Brian after a pipe had burst in our house sometime during the day. As I am sure you can imagine our home was a chaotic mess with people all over the place. Not only was Brian professional and efficient but he was also the calm that I needed in the middle of the mayhem. He probably answered the same question 10 times without ever getting the least bit frustrated. What impressed me the most was that every time he said he would be to our house he was there when he promised. I know that the key to building customer loyalty is to exceed expectations and that is exactly what Brian did. If I or anyone that I know ever needs the services of Royal Plus I will HIGHLY recommend them and Brian specifically.


by Kevin Leahy on Royal Plus Inc.
Awesome Job Wilmington

I would like to thank Royal Plus for their quick response and outstanding job following the fire at our residence on Thursday, February 28th. The adjuster came out the following day and the work crew followed on Saturday. Don, Dawn, and their temporary crew of Dave and Darrell proceeded to thoroughly clean the entire interior of our home. They cleaned every single room from ceiling to floor. Kim and I were thrilled with the job they all performed. All of the technicians who worked at our home were very respectful. They would call to announce their arrival time, they would speak to us daily about the days pending work, and they treated our home with the utmost respect.

Thanks again,
Kevin, Newark, Delaware

by Angelo Floria on Royal Plus Inc.

Early this morning, we received a phone call from the Ocean City police who said we had an obvious water leak with ice covering our driveway and other locations in our yard. We had never previously experienced such an event, and were at a loss for what to do. We closed the water coming into our home and called knowledgeable fellow Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company volunteers. They advised me that the job would be too large for me to handle alone and I decided to call Royal Plus. From that moment on, my anxieties were reduced. Royal Plus call takers were understanding and courteous. They assured me that, even though their current workload was overwhelming, help would be forthcoming. About 3:00PM, two Royal Plus vehicles arrived. They evaluated the situation and, immediately placed a pump in service to empty our flooded crawl space. Rather than going into too much detail, two of your employees worked until domestic water was brought back to our home. I must add that this was accomplished under miserable weather conditions. Never a complaint, never faltering, testing and retesting their repair, and always with an uncommonly excellent disposition. They ended their effort around 8:00PM and were headed for other waiting assignments. Both of your employees deserve recognition; however, Mr. Adkins is an obviously devoted worker and is very complimentary and loyal to Royal Plus. You have a gem. In conclusion, a heartfelt "thank you" to Royal Plus, and to your other employees who were involved in returning us to normalcy.

Angelo & Rita, Ocean City, Maryland

by Sandy Dryden on Royal Plus Inc.

Your Project Manager did a wonderful job on cleaning out from the water damage. I was very pleased. He was very considerate with everything, very easy to talk to and explained everything very well, and answered any questions I had. It was good to have him here, very comforting.

Sandy, Girdletree, Maryland

by Barbara Fox on Royal Plus Inc.
Water Damage

The team did a great job to rectify the water damage that occurred and was prompt and efficient.

Barbara, Bethany Beach, Delaware

by Ryan Thomas on Royal Plus Inc.
Pipe Freeze

The experience we had with your company and representatives was excellent

by Bradley Stopa on Royal Plus Inc.

They did a great job! Mike was especially good and tolerated my dog!

Bradley, Felton, Delaware

by James Addante on Royal Plus Inc.

President and CEO,
I want to take this time commend one of your employees on what I feel is performance above and beyond what a customer has a right to expect. I would have written this earlier but, we had a health issue that precluded me from writing this till today. We were driving to the airport in Chicago for one of our many trips down to our vacation home in Celebration Florida. We normally have a maid service come out the day of a trip, to make sure everything is in order, and to do normal cleaning and dusting. This trip we received a call from our service company saying that there had been a disaster and that our house was flooded, full of mold and uninhabitable! I immediately called our insurance agent and they instructed me to call Royal Plus out of central Florida. I did call and spoke to a woman named Joanne Haver. She said she was currently on her way out of town for the weekend but, gave me her cell phone number and said she would mobilize her crew immediately. She further mentioned that do not hesitate to call her that she didn't view this as an intrusion that, "she was here to take care of the customer!" This was the start of a most incredible relationship. This woman, worked on our situation as though this house was her own. I had many questions and concerns and called her at many odd times of the day and night. She never refused a call, and if she was unable to take a call at the moment, she called back in a very timely fashion! Customer service, that you people at Royal Plus should be very proud of! When you go through something like this, there are so many uncertainties that your head spins. Joanne was a great calming influence and took the time to explain how this entire process would unfold. When we got to Florida it was worse than we had imagined! Some how, in all the confusion of the situation, I had a recommendation to use (a national franchise) to do the work of Packing out. I used them. (this was before I got to know Joanne) What a mistake!! I am now in the unique position of having had two companies, Royal Plus, and (a national franchise), whom I found out after the fact, provide the same type of service. However, it's not the same, no where near the same. The level of professionalism was vastly different with Royal Plus the clear winner. If I had it to do all over again, I would contract with your company with no second thoughts. With (a national franchise) I came into the house on a Monday and saw that they had not removed the appliances and several shelves worth of Pots and Pans. This was holding up the demo work that Royal Plus was waiting to do. I called (a national franchise) and they said they would get on it that week. I came back Friday and everything but, the refrigerator and washer and dryer was gone. Ultimately, when we went to do the Pack In, the Microwave, and dishwasher were both missing. This was just the start of it. I want to say that I have every confidence that Joanne would have rode herd on this entire process like a bull dog! Just so you are aware, I have made my insurance carrier aware of this situation and also what a great job you people did. I have told everyone of my neighbors what Joanne did for us and what she and your company would do for them in a catastrophe! I commend your company for having the sense of dedication to hire a woman like her! What a credit to your company!!

Thank you,
James and Diane, Celebration, Florida

by Ron Lewis on Royal Plus Inc.

We really appreciate the professionalism and compassion. We would recommend them to any of your customers.

Thank you!
Ron, Fruitland, Maryland

by Larry Gilbertson on Royal Plus Inc.

I wanted to write to you to let you know what a professional job your employee did on our water damaged basement. As you know it took several days to dry out, he hauled away all the debris and was professional in every aspect. You are fortunate to have such a hard worker on your team and he really gives Royal Plus, Inc. a great reputation for getting the job done! The floor installed by XXX looks really nice but I was very disappointed in the work they did on the carpet. And then out of the blue, I got a call from your employee who said he was on the way to fix the carpet job that they had screwed up and boy did he ever. He did a fantastic job and is on his way home now. Thank you for helping us out and for sending Allen to do the job!!

Larry, McLean, Virginia

by Lois Haggerty on Royal Plus Inc.
Very Pleased With Our Services

Dear Mr. Odachowski and Mr. McEvoy, I recently had several projects done at my house by Royal Plus, and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of the work, responsiveness, professionalism, and outstanding customer service I received. I had an old heat pump removed and a new one installed, plumbing work done, and a bathroom restoration project. In every instance, the professionals at Royal Plus did a great job, including service department who installed the heat pump and plumbing work, Mike McMahon who identified the source of the bathroom problem and oversaw the restoration and Mike O'Laughlin who restored the bathroom to its former state (it looks like nothing was ever done to it). I would like to call special attention to Sean Adkins. You are very, very fortunate to have him representing your company. He assessed each situation, called in the right help from within your company to resolve the problems, and stayed on top of all the projects. He has my complete confidence. Whenever in the future I need help, I will always turn to Sean first for his assessment and recommendations. He goes above and beyond expectations for customer service. You have every reason to be very proud of your team. I am glad I found them, and have told everyone I know about what a great job they did.

Lois, Salisbury, Maryland

by Robert Savage on Royal Plus Inc.
Water Mitigation Stockton, MD

I want to let you know what an absoluted outstanding job your project manager did in helping us with our water mitigation efforts. He is a pleasant, efficient worker with excellent people skills. He has an extremely hard work ethic and not challenge was too great for him! Not once did he ever act like anything was an imposition and always went the extra mile. Your employee did everything possible to set both my husbands and my mind at ease over the repercussions of going through the “fresh water damage” problem in a house we’ve only lived in a few months.” “More than that Mike exudes a gentle, confident, trustworthy manner that made us feel relaxed to take a stranger into our house. He was a joy to have help us! What a great guy!
Thanks for everything!

Robert & Susan, Stockton, Maryland

by Nancy Dorazio on Royal Plus Inc.
Fire Job Lewes, DE

Many thanks for the great job your team did at our house after a fire destroyed the entire interior:  all things in storage were clean and ready to use when delivered.  inventories were complete and clear.  there was minimal damage to stored items, nothing worth documenting.  staff was pleasant and was especially helpful in easing my anxiety and guiding me thru the process!

Nancy, Lewes, Delaware

by Audrey Thomas on Royal Plus Inc.

Your PM was thorough and professional. He did an excellent, outstanding job and we appreciate the manner in which he conducted himself and helped us through this difficult situation.

Audrey, Fenwick Island, DE

by Marsha Yelick on Royal Plus Inc.
Thanks So Much

Thanks so much. We've been really pleased with the great service Royal Plus provided.

Marsha, Estes Park, Colorado

by Charles on Royal Plus Inc.
Thanks To The Professionals At Royal Plus, Inc

Thanks to the professionals at Royal Plus, Inc., I have had my home restored to its prior usefulness. This is an unsolicited testimonial and commendation for a job well done and to express a special thanks to a member of your restoration team, Mr. Joe who demonstrated extraordinary skill in all facets of the restoration and a thoroughness commensurate with the highest standards expected by clients of Royal Plus, Inc. He is very competent and self-starting employee who merits the highest regard by the company’s clients and by his employer.

With many thanks, I remain

by Bob on Royal Plus Inc.
Great Customer Service

Michael- the past few weeks of heavy rain have sent us many roof leak claims. Thanks for your calls on the jobs that you and Royal Plus have handled for us. The extra time you spent to make sure that you gave great customer service to our insureds is appreciated and I appreciate the heads up on the problem or questionable issues.

Property Claims Adjuster

by Sharon on Royal Plus Inc.
Can't Thank You Enough

We had a fire in our garage on August, which was caused by our dryer. When I went in to call the fire department, I accidentally left my front door ajar and the house was filled with smoke as was the garage. We are insured with St. Johns Insurance and I can’t compliment them enough on their efficiency in handling our claim. There were two people from your company Ms. Joanne and Mr. Dennis that were wonderful to us about getting our home cleaned, carpet cleaned, tile steam cleaned. They worked tirelessly about their job and left nothing for us to do. They put us in touch with Frsteam and John to handle the dry cleaning of our clothes. He spent hours with me when he brought the clothes back and helped me put some away. It was an overwhelming job for anyone. Dennis and Joanne took everything out of our attic and cleaned and sprayed it, detailed the entire·garage, put up new cabinets, ceiling fans and re-painted the floor. I can’t even remember all that they did but it was too much for two people. Joanne did her best to keep me calm because I was very upset. We came to feel like·they were family. I just can’t compliment them enough on the work that was done in and out of our home. They have to be two of the best employees that you have and I just wanted it in writing that we were very happy to have them in our home.

Mrs. Sharon

by Ida on Royal Plus Inc.
You Did A Excellent Job

Thank you Royal Plus for doing the water damage repairs at my home, you did a excellent job. You treated my home as if it was yours, you did a 120%. I am happy that there are men like you all are still around. You made sure I was happy.

Thank you all.
Ida, Seaford, Delaware

by Janet on Royal Plus Inc.
Very Pleased With The Service I Have Received

I have been very pleased with the service I have received. Michael was professional and sincere. If changes came along, they let me you know and update me on the progress. A great company from beginning to end thanks!

Janet, Seaford, Delaware

by Bunk on Royal Plus Inc.
A Leak Had Developed...

My wife Shari and I returned from a 3-week vacation in Europe to find our downstairs a mess. A leak had developed in the line to our ice-making machine in our fridge and water had been dripping for over a week or more. I am a partner in Mann & Gray Insurance in Fruitland. We had used the services of Royal Plus on behalf of our clients in the past and had received good reports; I had not expected to have to use your clean-up services myself. I placed a call and in less than an hour your Senior Mitigation Manager showed up and promptly went to work and attempted to salvage our contents and very wet carpet. I cannot say enough about how hard he worked and what a fine job he did. Although our carpet was beyond saving, I have no doubt that his actions saved most of our furniture and other personal items. He was on the job several days and was polite and concerned for our well being throughout. My wife had taken this event pretty hard and he did a lot to make things easier for both of us. The insurance claim was over $18,000 but without the prompt and professional from Royal Plus there is little doubt it would have been much higher.

Bunk, Ocean Pines, Maryland

by Margarent on Royal Plus Inc.
Very Pleased With The Quality Of Service

I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service that Royal Plus, Inc provides. The Project Manager and his workers are a great asset to Royal Plus, Inc. He has worked with me throughout this whole water/mold process and responds very quickly. The job site was always kept clean and neat and the work was done in a timely manner. I will be recommending your company to others because of my satisfaction with the service provided.

Margaret, Ormond Beach, Florida

by Jeff Gale on Royal Plus Inc.
Thank You</div>

I wanted to let others know that if you have an issue that meets immediate attention this is the company to call on.

Thanks again Royal Plus !!!

by G Daley on Royal Plus Inc.
Great Service Without The Hassle

My outside air compressor unit was damage during a bad storm and I had Royal Plus replace the old unit with a new one. Both Sean and Kevin were very polite, had a great attitude, knowledge of equipment and task at hand, very helpful and respectful. They showed up between the time that was scheduled. Most importantly, there was no salesman pitch for other things just to see how much more money I could pay. I hope to continue to use Royal Plus for all my HVAC and other home needs.

by Anne Toomey on Royal Plus Inc.
Big Thank You

I would like to take a minute to thank your staff for making what is a horrific event in our lives somewhat bearable.The crew have gone out of their way to make this tragedy as easy as possible for us. We have lost our entire kitchen due to flooding. It also spread into our dining room, so we have considerable damage. They have been fantastic! They have gone our of their way to minimize our discomfort and have been truly life savers. I would recommend your company to anyone and I feel that these workers have gone the extra mile for us!

Again a big THAK YOU,
Anne, Selbyville, Delaware

by Fred Baidauf on Royal Plus Inc.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

We cannot stress enough what an excellent job your reconstruction manager Mr. Michael McMahon, and his workers did at our vacation home in Ocean Pines over the past seven months. Mike kept us informed as to their progress and schedule thru every stage of this job. He and his men were very respectful, careful and knowledgeable. We feel very fortunate to have had them working to get our home back to its previous state before the water pipe break damage. They made a very stressful situation easier to deal with. We would definitely recommend Royal Plus, Inc. to all our neighbors. We tried to tip Mike to show our appreciation for all his hard work, but he would not accept anything. We can only hope that Royal Plus, Inc. appreciates him as much as we do.

Fred & Rona, Ocean Pines, Maryland

by Phil & Nova Harrison on Royal Plus Inc.

Just for your information, Mike responded to our call for remediation for a broken water pipe. I wish that there were more people in the world like him. He took his time to explain to us the entire process as he worked. He checked everything out very closely to make sure that he did not miss anything. He had to come back several times to get the job completed and always showed up when he said he would, which seems to be a rare thing these days. Everyone that we have come in contact with in your company have been very nice but Mike went out of his way to do an exceptional job. He is very professional and left us with a good impression of the company. We wanted to make sure that you are aware of the great employee that you have in Mike Meegan.

Phil & Nova, Maryland