24/7 Response

Royal Plus, Inc. is celebrating its 30th year in business! The company operates out of 8 locations in MD, DE, VA & FL with its larger facilities located in Snow Hill, Maryland and Casselberry, Florida. These two locations, totaling over 220,000 sq. ft., hold more than enough equipment, vehicles and man power to accommodate any disaster. Offering complete cleanup and restoration services to business and property owners, Royal Plus provides an essential service to the community in the wake of natural and man-made disasters. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in disaster response and mobilized to a scene within hours. Following a disaster, our services enable businesses to become operational as quickly as possible and enable dislocated residents to return to their homes. The other divisions of Royal Plus: Flooring, Plumbing & HVAC, compliment our cleanup and restoration efforts.

Royal Plus is a licensed General Contractor, Home Improvement Contractor and or holds occupational licenses or certificates of authority in nearly all of the lower 48 states. View all of our licenses.

We have offices in Ocean City, MD, Berlin, MD, Snow Hill, MD, Baltimore, MD, Wilmington, DE, Jacksonville, FL, Orlando (Casselberry), FL and Key West, FL.

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