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Post Disaster Board Up

Dealing With Insurance

After calling your insurance company, they may have you call a company to close up all the openings in your structure. Boarding up your home or business is such a critical first step. Royal Plus Inc. can provide the proper board up and roof tarping that will be needed. Covering the openings will help eliminate further damage to your property and ultimately help save you thousands of dollars.

What To Do When Disaster Strikes

When a disaster strikes, many people are in shock and can not think clearly. The idea that you will have to deal with this catastrophe alone consumes you and fear begins to set in. How much damage did the fire cause besides the structural damage? Now that you have broken windows, holes in your roof, and untold amounts of water in your home or business, where do you go from here?

Post-Storm Board Up

Wind and severe storms can call for emergency, post-disaster board up as well. Fallen trees and strong winds that cause small objects to become projectiles are just a couple of examples that may require an emergency board up–not to mention category 1 hurricane sustained wind speeds of 74 – 95 mph can cause the projectile effect and can even un-anchor mobile homes.

Why Choose Royal Plus?

Call Royal Plus Inc. to get your home or business boarded up quickly following a disaster. If you are in need of emergency response services, contact us today!