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Catastrophe Cleanup and Large Loss Restoration

When the Worst Happens, Royal Plus is Here to Get You Back in Business

We all hope that we never need emergency catastrophe cleanup and large loss restoration services, but when disaster strikes you can rest assured that Royal Plus will respond immediately with the equipment and manpower needed to repair and prevent long-term damage. We respond nationally to:

  • Hurricanes
    A total of 13 hurricanes hit the US in 2020, and 13 of which have made landfall in the country. These tropical cyclones have a wind speed of at least 74 miles per hour, so when they do hit the ground, they can cause a lot of damage. The Hurricane Katrina alone has caused billions of dollars when it occurred in 2005.
  • Floods
    Accordingly, 40% of all natural disasters worldwide are due to floods. In the US, 90% of all natural disasters include flooding. This is probably why flash flooding is also said to be the leading cause of weather related deaths in the country.
  • Fires
    According to the US Fire Administration or USFA, the US Fire Department has responded to more than 350,000 residential fires in 2019. It is estimated that more than 50% of such fires were caused by cooking. Other causes includes heating and electrical malfunction.
  • Earthquakes
    The National Earthquake Information Center reported that they detect around 50 earthquakes every day. Thankfully, most of them are not strong enough to cause a disaster. In the US, all states have reported experiencing an earthquake at some point.

Note: Our disaster restoration specialists also provides catastrophe cleanup and large loss restoration services to other calamities aside from the ones listed above.

The Tools And Equipment You Need

Royal Plus maintains a large stock of equipment like submersible and gas-powered water pumps, drying fans, truck-mounted extraction units, air filtration technology, and dehumidifiers to quickly dry your home or business to prevent lasting damage to floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture.

Why Choose Royal Plus?

Royal Plus Inc. employs a team of highly trained catastrophe restoration specialists, along with all of the tools and equipment necessary to have your business back to pre-damage conditions. Trust our team of emergency power specialists, restoration professionals, water loss specialists, and mold remediation specialists to get you back to business in no time.