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Emergency Power and AC Services

Emergency Generators

In the event of catastrophes or major weather events, the power-grid often goes down due to structural damage. For homes and facilities without emergency generators, this can mean being in the dark for days or weeks! No facility is too large or too small for our team of licensed electricians, engineers, and emergency response technicians.

We have the size and number of emergency generators to meet any and all emergency power needs.

Emergency AC

One of the bigger problems associated with loss of power is the inability to keep indoor climates controlled. This is particularly important when it comes to major events such as a hurricane or storm which can result in water damage. In an uncontrolled environment mold and other micro-organisms can grow quickly and get out of hand. When dealing with high humidity and water damage, immediate action is needed to prevent further damage that can lead to more expensive cleanup and restoration later.

Along with our emergency generators, our emergency response team can install climate and humidity control equipment to prevent the growth of organisms that cause lasting damage.

Planning For Disaster

Planning for a disaster before it strikes can make all the difference in terms of how severely a catastrophic event will affect your life and business. Royal Plus has an Emergency Response Program that saves you time, reduces damage, and the cost of losses. Our emergency technicians will visit your location to determine critical vulnerabilities and map out a strategic plan to deal with potential disasters. As a member of our Emergency Response Program, you will also get priority when it comes to equipment and response times.

Why Choose Royal Plus?

Royal Plus Inc.’s Emergency Power and Emergency AC services will help to make sure you and your employees have a comfortable working environment and thus put you back in business as quickly as possible. Our team can consult with you about onsite backup emergency generators as well. Royal Plus is available 24-7 to respond to emergencies and to answer questions about our Emergency Response Program. Call us at 866-404-7587 any day, any time!