As members of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality Association), we learn new things about air quality every day. We came across an article this week about how flooring, particularly carpeting, aids in controlling air quality. Quite the opposite of what many people think.

The article reads, “A series of studies indicates that effectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulting in fewer particles escaping into the air and thus contributing to the maintenance of indoor air quality. “These studies challenge the long-held belief that carpet must adversely impact indoor air quality as it pertains to allergy and asthma sufferers,” said Dr. Bruce Mitchell, Chairman/CEO of Airmid Healthgroup limited, leading independent biometrical research organization that conducted the study. “Effectively cleaned carpets have the capacity to trap allergens and microbial particles, making these particles less available to become airborne and thus maintaining indoor air quality.””

Read the full article on how carpets maintain good indoor air quality.