Mold can grow in many places throughout a household and can cause a variety of problems. With favorable temperatures, available oxygen, and moisture conditions, mold can grow quickly in your home. Many materials used in the construction of your home can allow for growth, given the right conditions. Mold growth can contribute to both negative health effects as well as damage to your home.

Some of the most common causes of mold in a home are:

  • Constant Humidity: High humidity indoors provides favorable conditions for mold to grow within the household. By controlling the humidity in your home, you can limit the growth and spread of mold. The CDC recommends keeping humidity between 30% and 50%. This can be maintained through the use of a dehumidifier or air conditioning.
  • Poor Ventilation: Ventilating areas and rooms that tend to be more damp or humid than others can help keep mold from growing in your home. Common places to keep in mind are bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Leaking AC, Roof, or Pipes: By having these leaks in your home fixed, you would be able to prevent any excess moisture and therefore mold growth. It is important to repair these leaks as soon as possible to limit the amount of growth.
  • Flooding: Mold grows very well in damp conditions, such as the aftermath of a flood. It is essential to get the area professionally handled as soon as possible to prevent or contain the growth of mold.

If you think you may have a mold problem, it is crucial to receive professional help to correct the problem. Common signs that you may have a mold problem includes the presence of musty smells, high indoor humidity, and visible mold on building surfaces.

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