Why It’s Important to Clean Up Water Damage As Soon As Possible

Although a flood or leak in your home may just look like a wet surface, there are many issues that may come up when water damage occurs. Some of the damage can result in long-term implications if not handled properly.

If you have experienced a flood or other source of water damage, you may already be aware of the associated risks to your home. If not, here are some of the potential outcomes of water damage that you likely would want to avoid:


Mold very commonly grows on surfaces that are wet or moist, which are conditions provided by a flood or water leak in a property. Mold can be harmful to both your health and to your home’s structural components. It is very important to address water damage in your home or business before mold growth gets out of hand.

If you notice mold growing in your home, it is best to call a professional immediately to help safely remove it from your home. This will ensure that it has been removed without putting you into close contact with a potentially dangerous risk to your health.

Structure Damage

As water makes prolonged contact with different components of your home, it can cause some materials to weaken or result in damage to its structure. This not only is unpleasant to look at in your home, but it can also create hazards that are not always visible.

For example, if water is against a wooden surface for too long, it can cause the wood to start rotting. This can weaken important structural components of your home.

In turn, rotted wood can also result in costly repairs. To avoid these issues, it is best to quickly address water damage near wooden parts of your home.

Stains and Odor

Another problem frequently encountered with water damage is the staining of walls and floors, as well as the development of a musty odor in your home. One of the materials that tends to develop an odor quickly is carpet. It is essential to dry out the carpet quickly or to remove it if it cannot be salvaged.

Other parts of your home that might develop stains include your walls and ceiling. If a leak occurs or if water from a flood has made prolonged contact with a drywall surface, this can create stains as well as weaken the its structural integrity.

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