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Work History

Kennedy Space Center – Water Damage

February 2012 – Kennedy Space Center Life Sciences Lab

Around noon on February 17, 2012, a six-inch main pipe feeding the fire sprinkler system had cracked in the west stairwell in the three-story, 110,000 square-foot facilities. The system, reacting as if a fire required suppression, began pumping water through the pipe at a rate of 1,500 gallons per minute until it pooled ankle-deep on parts of the second floor and trickled down to the ground floor.

The insulated HVAC system was heavily impacted and served as a conduit for the water to run through as well as being trapped in. Mold and other hazards were present and the mitigation/remediation of these was dealt with in coordination with the staff Industrial Hygienists. In total, approximately 55,000 gallons of water were released into the facility.

75,000 square feet, or 68 percent of the facility, sustained some degree of damage. It was concentrated in office areas on the second floor and mostly spared laboratories and experiments. The project lasted almost two months and resumed normal operations on April 16.

Industrial Complex – Water Damage

September 2011 – Industrial Complex – Wayne, NJ

This warehouse was utilized as a distribution center for major retail chains that suffered severe flooding as a result of Hurricane Irene. The project required water extraction, content manipulation, and removal. Crews working 24-hour shifts resulted in a return to normal business operations in 6 days. This project was valued at 700k.

Government Facility – Water Damage

October 2011 – Government Facility – Wilkes-Barre, PA

450,000 square-foot facility containing high-security inventory damaged by floodwaters as a result of Hurricane Irene. This project entailed the removal of approximately 300 tractor-trailer loads of inventory requiring destruction under tight security. The facility required extraction and cleaning in order to complete the removal and destruction of the inventory.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center – Water Damage

May 2010 – Schermerhorn Symphony Center

We responded to a major flood in Tennessee. The symphony building had 34 feet of water within the basement levels leading up to the first floor. This project included pumping water out of flooded areas with constant monitoring of hydrostatic pressure.

Climate control of all levels was necessary to protect high-end artwork, memorabilia, custom furnishings, a 4 million dollar organ along with custom made carpets, wall hangings, and fabric.

The facility was extremely “High End” and constructed at a cost of 168 million dollars. We performed controlled demolition, negative air, floor and wall protection, electrical and mechanical evaluations along with constant humidity controls using HOBO detection. This project ran 24-hour shifts consisting of approximately 200 people per shift and required water pump-out, dehumidification, generators, and content pack out.

Ocean Downs Casino – Demo/Construction

Ocean Downs Casino

Work performed included: lead and asbestos abatement, demolition of all non-bearing walls (steel shell only), installation of new steel to support existing steel, installation of new footers, the addition of the complete second floor for offices and security as well as a third-floor viewing area “Judges Bench” for the race calls.

The scheduling and coordination of the entire project from start to opening included; electric, mechanical, site work, framing, concrete, glasswork, specialty framing, specialty tasks, and flooring, This job was quality, time, and media sensitive with additional emphasis on professionalism and cleanliness of the project. This job required extended hour shifts during the majority of the project to maintain the projected timeline.

Marty’s Playland – Fire Damage

April 2008 – Marty’s Playland

Located on the historic boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, a fire broke out which affected almost an entire city block consisting of an amusement arcade, restaurant, and apartments. Performing the complete demolition of the restaurant, stabilizing the remaining structure, installing temporary firewalls to separate the “construction zone”, Royal Plus Inc. enabled the arcade to open within a week.

The arcade was dried, cleaned, and sanitized with intense building inspections to assure compliance. The job was time sensitive due to its occurrence “in season” which would bring a detrimental daily loss of income for the business if not open. Reconstruction began in April 2008 and was totally completed in July.

Mercy Medical Center – Water Damage

June 2008 – Mercy Medical Center

Royal Plus, Inc. was called to handle a 30,000 square-foot area affected by floodwaters in a hospital. Upon our arrival, we discovered that the areas damaged were not 30,000 square-foot but 300,000 square-foot.

Royal Plus mobilized crews of more than 700 people to handle climate control, demolition, duct cleaning, temp power, temp A/C, air scrubbing, maintain indoor air quality, perform content cleaning & manipulation, ensure equipment protection along with inventory controls. Our specialty team worked with infectious control, engineers and department heads to make sure each area was addressed.

We coordinated demolition with construction to make the transition seamless. We also built temporary walls in the parking garage then installed temporary power and climate control to utilize the area as storage for non-affected contents.

Royal Plus Helps Repair Mercy Medical Center Water Damage